Its time to conduct Mid Course Feedback again.

It’s now time to conduct your Mid Course Feedback!

Mid-Course Feedback (MCF, formerly known as Midterm Evaluations of Teaching) is a chance for instructors to collect informal, formative feedback from students about a course partway through its cycle. Instructors can use this as a tool to engage their students as co-creators of a course, to help students understand the rationale behind various pedagogical practices, and to illustrate to students their own role in contributing to the success of a course.

Instructors select a small number of questions and create a survey. The survey is administered in class and can be as simple as three questions answered on sheets of paper. In a subsequent class the instructor takes 10-15 minutes in class to discuss the results with the students.

To access a sample set of commonly used questions and create a printable form to distribute check out the the form builder resource:
The CTLT recommends the surveys be done in weeks 5-7 of a course.  If you are interested in learning more please go to this site:

If you would like assistance with your MCF please contact The Learning Centre at