2018 call for LOI: Large Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)

From: Hugh Brock
Associate-Provost Academic Innovation

Re: 2018 Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund
Call for Letters of Intent for Large TLEF Project Grants (over $50,000)

Application Deadline – 3:00 pm, July 14, 2017

I am writing to invite Letters of Intent (LOIs) for Large TLEF Project grants (over $50,000). In addition to notifying Heads and Directors, faculty members and staff, please ensure that this invitation is brought to the attention of students in your Faculty or College.

The application process for TLEF grants is divided into Large and Small project pools. Applications for Large TLEF Projects go through a two-stage approval process, starting with a LOI due on July 14, 2017, and then, for those applicants who are invited to move forward, a full proposal and budget due on October 13, 2017, with a LFS internal deadline at 12 noon on Thursday, September 30. Applications for Small TLEF Projects go through a one-stage approval process, with the submission of a full proposal and budget in mid- November 2017 (with a LFS internal deadline about two weeks earlier). The call for Small TLEF Project proposals will be announced in September.

With both Large and Small TLEF proposals, the principal applicant’s Department Head must indicate his or her support before the proposal can be submitted.

At this time, we are calling for Letters of Intent for Large TLEF Projects (over $50,000).

We particularly welcome LOIs/proposals that address one or more of the following thematic areas:

  • Enhanced experiential learning opportunities (including proposals that support ongoing reflection and validation of experiential activities)
  • Development of validated methods to assess student learning (learning analytics)
  • Curriculum/program scale transformations (e.g. multiple courses linked through a year of study,a program, etc.)
  • Concentrated blended courses (e.g. non-13 week/3-hour class meeting structures, blended asreduced seat time; greater proportion of course delivered online)
  • Enhancing and evaluating strategies to promote and utilize faculty-to-faculty and faculty-to- student interaction and communication, especially beyond class meetings
  • Enhancing the scholarly communication skills (writing, speaking, listening, reading) of students
  • Development or integration of open educational resourcesAll TLEF LOIs and proposals must be submitted online (http://apply.tlef.ubc.ca). Sample proposal forms and information about the TLEF are available at http://tlef.ubc.ca. It is important that applicants familiarize themselves with the TLEF criteria, application guidelines, regulatory policies, and the online application system before submitting a proposal.Large TLEF Project grants are eligible to receive up to $250,000 over the life of the entire project. This funding can be active for up to three years for multi-year projects. For multi-year projects that return to request subsequent funding, 2nd- and/or 3rd-year funding is contingent upon satisfactory progress in meeting project goals.The University deadline for Large TLEF Project LOIs is 3:00 pm on July 14, 2017. Late submissions will not be accepted. All submissions are reviewed by an internal Faculty review committee and then by the UBC TLEF Adjudication Committee. The Vice-Provost will invite applicants whose LOIs are supported by the Dean of the respective Faculty as well as the TLEF Adjudication Committee to develop a full Large TLEF Project proposal, to be submitted by 3:00 pm on October 6, 2017 (LFS Deadline).If you currently hold a Large TLEF Project grant and plan on seeking 2nd- and/or 3rd-year funding, you do not need to submit a new LOI; rather, you will need to submit an updated Year 2 or Year 3 proposal, budget, and Interim Report on your project by the October 13, 2017 deadline.

Proposal Development Support – Drop-in Sessions

It is important to discuss your proposal with The LFS Learning Centre (Cyprien Lomas) or Associate Dean Academic (Christine Scaman)  prior to submitting for feedback on alignment with faculty strategies. In addition, The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), UBC Studios and the Library will provide feedback and proposal development support for faculty wishing to submit TLEF proposals. Support will be provided on topics such as pedagogy, assessment, media, technology integration, interaction, project scope, and budget development. Please ensure that you consult with central- and Faculty-based support units if you are intending to request their support in the development of your project.

Between June and August, you can contact tlef.info@ubc.ca to request consultation support. Between September and November, CTLT will host weekly drop-in sessions for TLEF applicants who are developing Large and Small TLEF project proposals.   Information on drop-in sessions will be posted to the CTLT events site: http://events.ctlt.ubc.ca

If you have any questions about the TLEF funding process or criteria, please send them to tlef.info@ubc.ca.