LFS Podcast Club

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Week 24: January

Pia’s picks!

  • Planet Money: Consider the Lobstermen
  • https://www.npr.org/2021/12/03/1061289894/consider-the-lobstermen [24min]

  • 99 Percent Invisible: I Can’t Believe It’s Pink Margarine
  • https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/i-cant-believe-its-pink-margarine/ [27min]

  • Ephemeral: Tattoo
  • https://www.ephemeral.show/episode/tattoo [53min]

    Week 23: Friday, December 3rd

    Marika’s picks!

  • Criminal: The Ghoul of Grays Harbor [34 mins]
  • BBC: 50 things that made the modern economy: Tulips [10 mins]
  • Science Vs: the legendary condom queen [35 mins]
    (sadly this podcast is Spotify exclusive now :( but the episode is worth it!)
  • 99% Invisible: Corpse, Corps, Horse and Worse [32 mins]
  • Week 22: Friday, November 5th

    Clare’s picks! Loose theme: “Friends….?”

    Week 21: Thursday, October 7th

    Adrian’s picks!

    Week 20: Thursday, August 19th

    Duncan’s picks!

    Week 19: Thursday, July 8th

    Adrian’s picks!

    Week 18: Thursday, June 3rd

    Karolina’s picks!

    Week 17: Thursday, May 20th

    Marika’s picks for this week, the theme is roughly migration, integration, and diversity:

    Week 16: Friday, April 30th

    Clare’s picks

    Week 15: Friday, April 23rd

    Adrian’s picks: A Dive into the Design Process

    Week 14: Friday, April 16th

    Duncan’s picks: spotlight on storytelling

    • Mystery Show: Case #3 Belt Buckle [48 mins]
    • Love & Radio: The Living Room [25 mins]
    • This American Life: Fiasco! Act One and Two [31 mins]
    • Also BYOP! Bring your favourite podcast that just doesn’t work for podcast club.

    Week 13: Friday, April 9th

    Mona’s picks: how about a mixed bag from CBC Radio?

    Week 12: Friday, March 26th

    Raelani’s picks this week

    Week 11: Friday, March 19th

    Patricia’s picks: food for thought!

    Week 10: Friday, March 12th

    Marika’s podcast picks for this week: Is education the great equalizer?

    If you are pressed for time and can only listed to one episode, listen to Reveal. Both episodes explore the dynamics of elementary school education but in very different ways.
    Bonus listening (this is my favorite story from the last week, but not very related to the theme above):
    Death, Sex, and Money: I was your father, until I wasn’t [30 mins]

    Week 9: Friday, March 5th

    Karolina’s podcast picks for this week! The theme she mustered together is “stories that make you go 😲”

    Week 8: Friday, February 26th

    Here are Clare’s picks. Theme is “1st Person Journey” 

    Week 7: Friday, February 19th

    These are Adrian’s picks. Theme is Games, Games, Games! 

    Week 6: Friday, February 5th

    Selected by Duncan:

    The You’re Wrong About ep is pretty long, but I’m not sure how to excerpt it, so feel free to tap out if you can’t get through the whole thing. And note that Floodlines is about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but I like the focus of this part (although I recommend the whole series).

    Week 5: Friday, January 29th

    Selected by Marika:

    Week 4: Friday, January 15th

    Selected by Raelani

    Week 3: Friday, January 8th

    Selected by Clare

    Note: If you do not have time to listen the whole Brene Brown podcast, at least listen to the first section on leadership and power. (12mins 20 seconds)
    Further listening: if you like the Brene Brown podcast, recommend her interview w Dolly Parton Nov 18 – a nice tie in with our Dec 18 podcast club discussion – and her interview with Elizabeth Lesser  Oct 28 on “Power of Women’s Stories.” 

    Week 2: Friday, December 18th

    Selected by Adrian. Centered around influences and what makes us do the things we do. From personal values to cultural, societal, and neural influences. 

    Week 1: Friday, December 11th


    Gregor [narration]

    • How would you describe Jonathan’s persona as narrator?
    • What’s the effect of the narrator being so involved in the story?

    Hills Have Eyes [story structure]

    • What is this story about?
    • What’s the climax of the story?

    Tattoos and Memories [interviewing]

    • What do you think of Emily’s interviewing approach/rapport with Bruce?
    • What of her choice to start with the phone conversation?

    Summer Rain [sound]

    • This piece relies heavily on sounds. How does that affect the listener?
    • What do we gain by having her mother and child present?