Setting up OneDrive Sync on your device

OneDrive is a new personal cloud storage at UBC that keeps files and folders in sync between your computer and the cloud. It will keep track of additions, changes or deletions in your local OneDrive folder with the OneDrive cloud storage and vice versa. Another feature is the sharing of files and folders to other users, including those who are not part of UBC. OneDrive is FIPPA compliant and is the replacement for the UBC Workspace service that is being retired on Oct 29, 2021.

To enable sync on your device, you may have to install the OneDrive desktop applications, with the steps differing for Windows and Mac OS. The login username for UBC OneDrive is your alias with your CWL password. Staff Members may have to contact LFS LC for installation due to permissions required on computers.

Steps for Windows OS:

Steps for Mac OS:

For more information on setting up OneDrive Sync on your computer, contact the LFS Learning Centre at