CTLT Guidelines for Proctorio in Final Exams

For those considering using Proctorio for final exams:

The CTLT has added the following advice for those using Proctorio for their final exam: 

There are three settings we very highly recommend are NOT enabled for Proctorio: 

1) Force Full Screen – Forcing full screen will stop students from being able to access Proctorio live chat support, debugging their own internet or memory issues, and from getting support from their instructor or LT Hub. 

2) Prevent Re-entry – Any options listed under this setting will limit or stop any means of helping students get back into an exam if they have issues.  “Re-entry with Agent” requires a Proctorio Agent to help, not an instructor nor LT Hub would be able to help in this event. 

3) Room Scan – if using Room Scan use only the Room Scan – Scan at Start option. 

Intelligent Scan or other scanning options have been problematic. The Proctorio instructions on the CTLT site ( https://keepteaching.ubc.ca/assignments-assessments/#proctored ) have been updated to and change the emphasis from the previous recommendations. 

As always, please contact The Learning Centre for any assistance or advice with your online exams.