Teaching & Learning Funding

UBC Faculty, staff and students enjoy many funding opportunities to enhance the learning experiences of our students. Funding ranges from a couple $1000 for the creation of an open assignment in a particular course to $200,000 for ideas that span over an entire program/degree. We attempt to gather and summarize funding opportunities available here. If you have a budding teaching and learning idea and don’t know where to start, contact Judy Chan ( or other colleagues in the Learning Centre ( to identify what funding opportunity will best meet your needs and wishes. 

Fund NameWhat is this fund?Who can Apply?Maximum Funding & DurationDeadlines
Sustainability Education Curriculum GrantsThe Sustainability Hub will be opening the call for applications for the Sustainability Education Grants for up to $20,000 over two years available to interdisciplinary teams of faculty members looking to design new courses or enhance existing courses. Interdisciplinary teams of faculty members from different departments or across campus (minimum two faculty members involved)2-year grants for a maximum of $10,000 per year for new courses or programs

1-year grants for a maximum of $5,000 for updating existing courses or programs (minimum one faculty member involved)
Applications will open in early Spring 2024
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) SeedThe SoTL Seed Program provides graduate research assistants, collegial collaborations, and complementary funding for projects, for faculty interested in exploring and understanding the impact of their pedagogical choices.All members of the UBC community. Priority given to faculty who teach at the undergraduate level.Up to 70 hrs of GRA support plus some discretionary funds to cover research and dissemination costs
Duration for 1-2 years
Twice a year: Late Spring and Late Fall.

Next deadline: May 22, 2023
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Linkage Grant The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Linkage Grants have been established to enable the synthesis, exploration and high-impact dissemination of interdisciplinary SoTL research. This pilot funding program supports the formation of interdisciplinary teams of SoTL researchers inquiring into fundamental questions in higher education that benefit from investigation in multiple pedagogical and curricular contexts.Lead applicant:
Tenure-track faculty members (research or educational leadership) at UBC Vancouver campus.

Co-applicants (min 2):
Tenure-track members from both campuses and/or other higher education institutions.
Up to $25000 for 1-2 yearsTwice a year: Late Spring and Late Fall.

Next deadline: Notice of Intent due on May 29, 2023

Full Proposal Deadline on June 29, 2023.
Students as Partners (SaP) in Course Design GrantFunding for furthering student-faculty partnerships in course redesign. The grants support UBC Vancouver undergraduate students working in partnerships with faculty to redesign UBCV undergraduate courses in making significant revisions to course content, student interactions and/or student assessment.UBC-V faculty and students work in partnership and apply as co-applicants; for undersgraduate credit courses only$7100 for 1 yearTwice a year: Feb and June

Next deadline:
Call for proposals due May 29, 2023

Proposal Submission Deadline on June 16, 2023 (3 PM)
Large Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)The Large TLEF is intended to advance UBC’s strategic goals relating to transformative learning. Large TLEF projects typically aspire to impact multiple courses or programs.Principal Applicant: UBC-V faculty, and staff

Co-applicants: UBC faculty, students, staff, and community members
$200,000 for
1-3 years
Letter of Intent

LFS Internal Deadline: Thursday, June 29, 2023

Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 3:00 pm

Application Deadline:
LFS Internal: September 28

October 12
Small Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)They are grassroots projects that are intended to support experimentation with pedagogical approaches that have strong potential to enhance the experiences of learners. They are typically smaller in scope and scale than large TLEF.Principal Applicant: UBC-V faculty, Students and Staff

Co-applicants: UBC faculty, students, staff, and community members.

(If the Principal Applicant is a student, the application must be supported by a co-applicant who is a faculty member)
$50,000 for
1-3 years
Call for Proposals opens:
September 2023

LFS Internal Deadline:
November 2

Central Deadline:
November 16
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Dissemination FundThe fund supports disseminations and publications that describe research on teaching and learning in higher education with direct implications for UBC.Any full-time faculty member at UBC Vancouver. Funds can be received by individual faculty every 24 months.$1000 – conference costs
$2000 – journal publication costs
Duration for 1 year. Can be received every 24 months
Rolling until funds deplete, 20K/year x 3
Open Education Resources (OER) Affordability GrantFunding and staff support to UBC faculty who wish to incorporate open educational resources as required materials into their UBCV undergraduate credit courses.Principal Applicant: UBC-V faculty

Co-applicants: UBC-V faculty, students, staff, and community members
$25,000 for
1 year
LFS Internal Deadline: November 30, 2023
Letter of Intent

Full proposal to central:
January 18, 2024
Application template
Open Education Resources (OER) Rapid Innovation GrantFunding for a wide range of activities and events that seek to engage the UBC community in increasing awareness and capacity for supporting and sustaining the adoption, adaption, and creation of OER at UBC V.UBC-V faculty, students and staff$1,000 for
1 year
Rolling until funds depleted ($25K envelope in this first year), review monthly

LFS Nomination Form
Indigenous Strategic Initiatives (ISI) Fund,
Stream 1: Innovative Projects
Innovative projects that advance UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan priority and will have an impact at the department, unit or Faculty level with the potential to scale beyond the unit in the future.Applicant: UBCV/O faculty, staff and post-docs

Sign-off: must be approved / signed-off by the Department Head / Dean
$100,000 for
1-2 years
LOI deadline: Friday, January 6, 2023 at 3:00 pm

Application deadline: Summer 2023
Indigenous Strategic Initiatives (ISI) Fund,
Stream 2: Transformative Project
Transformative projects that aim to change policies, structures or systems at UBC and will have the potential for wide-scale impact at the Faculty, portfolio or institutional levelApplicant: UBCV/O faculty, staff and post-docs

Sign-off: must be approved / signed-off by the Department Head / Dean
$250,000 for
1-3 years
LOI deadline: Friday, January 6, 2023 at 3:00 pm

Application deadline: Summer 2023
Indigenous Strategic Initiatives (ISI) Fund,
Stream 3: Student-led projects
Student-led initiatives that address any of the ISP Actions and have impact at any level, including unit, Faculty, department, institution or other.Applicant: UBCV/O undergraduate or graduate student(s)

Co-applicant: must be supported and signed by a co-applicant who is a faculty or staff member.
$50,000 for
12 to 18 months
Friday, January 6, 2023 at 3:00 pm
TLEF Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Fellow ProgramUniversal Design for Learning is a set of principles for course and curriculum development that supports a more inclusive and accessible learning environment for all learners. The UDL Fellows Program will support faculty and staff to develop expertise in UDL through a cohort-based professional development program. Principle Applicant: A LFS Faculty teaching credit course(s) 

Co-Applicant: A LFS staff, possibly from the Leaning Centre 
A course release and work with a cohort of other UDL Fellows from across campus to re-design and implement accessible coursesLFS Internal Deadline LOI:
November 30, 2023 at 3:00 pm Letter of Intent

LFS Internal Deadline Full Proposal:
January 11, 2024 at 3:00 pm
LFS Full Proposal
Advanced Community Engaged Learning FundThis year’s funding will focus on building the capacity of faculty, students and community partners to meaningfully engage in face to face, online and hybrid models of Community Engaged Learning. Funded projects are expected to include a demonstrable output that other practitioners can learn from and adapt for their practice.Applicants: Faculty, Academic Administrators or Staff at UBC-V$3000Rolling basis until funds are expended