Optimize your sound for Zoom!

Sound on Zoom is automatically optimized by default. However, in some cases, the mic and speaker you use might need adjustments for optimum sound volume. Sound optimization can be done on the external microphone/speaker device you have connected or in settings on Zoom’s desktop app to ensure you have the right audio levels:

  1. On Zoom:
    a. Open Settings on the Zoom desktop app. Go to Audio Settings. Adjust the mic and speaker input by dragging the volume bar. You may opt to uncheck “Automatically adjust mic volume”
  2. On your external audio equipment:
    a. External Microphones usually have gain dial/buttons that allows you to adjust the mic input levels you may adjust the volume for your mic
    b. The volume on your external speakers can be adjusted with a dial/buttons. This can work in tandem with your computer volume.
    c. Some headsets might have an option to adjust speaker volume but not the gain in the microphone.
    For consulting about optimizing your audio for Zoom, please reach out to the LFS Learning Centre at it@landfood.ubc.ca