Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a review process to protect personal information and address security issues, which in turn would avoid potential privacy breaches or process redesign. In PIA you’ll work with privacy experts to identify, manage and evaluate risks such as servers hosting data outside of Canada. This assessment decides whether your project involves personal information, and if so, how this personal information collected and used for the project will be protected.

.A PIA is a simple 5 step process that involves downloading the PIA template, filling out the template with your Ministry Privacy officer, submitting it for review, getting signatures, and starting your project. By doing a PIA, you can help protect privacy and create transparency about the information you are collecting.

You can find more information about PIA on this website:

A PIA is a legal requirement of FIPPA, and not completing one may result in non-compliance with provincial legislation, UBC policies, standards, and other legal and regulatory requirements. Contact the LFS Learning Centre at for further assistance.