Sign PDF Documents Digitally for Mobile Devices

Adding your signature 

If your document does not allow you to use the Fill & Sign feature, follow the instructions in the “Document does not allow signatures” section. Then, come back to this section and follow the steps for the program of your choice below.  These steps are applicable to Ipad as well as android devices with the exception of downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader from the “Google Play.”

1) Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Appstore for iPhone and Play Store for Android

2) Open a PDF file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. Here you can choose from files on your phone, document cloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, PDFs from e-mails, and more.


3) Once you have selected your PDF, tap the pencil icon on the lower right corner of the screen


4) This will create a pop up from which you will select Fill & Sign


5) From the options provided, tap the Draw icon. The Draw icon looks like a fountain pen


6) Select Create Signature


7) This will take you to a series of options, select draw. For this step, you have the choice of using your finger or a stylus


8) Click "Done" to save your signature for future use.  Now you can move and resize the signature you have created to fit anywhere on the document all within the app

Document does not allow signatures

If your PDF file does not allow you to use the “Fill & Sign” feature, follow the instructions below after filling all required fields (if any). Otherwise, go to the “Adding signature” section.


1) Print the document you would like to sign from your phone by clicking on the documentation and clicking share button at the top right of the screen


2) Choose the print option from the pop up of options



3) Select your print options (eg. page size, number of pages)



4) Select Print

5) Once you have printed your document, sign it

6) Take a photo of the document you have signed and send to receiver via email or preferred contact method