SmallRig Universal Video Kit for smartphones

The Learning Centre has acquired the SmallRig Universal Video Kit for recording video on smartphones. The SmallRig kit comes with:

  • An adjustable frame for holding the smartphones
  • Stabilizing handles for holding the frame
  • 3.5mm audio jack Microphone for indoor and outdoor recording
  • Attachments for lightning and USB-C ports for mic and chargers
  • Portable light that fits on the frame
  • Mounts for mics and light that fits on the frame
  • Mount for portable battery packs for smartphones
  • Mini tripod to set the frame on a table

The SmallRig kit provides a one-gear solution to improve your video recording on smartphones. Pros of using the SmallRig kit for capture include:

  • Added Stability while recording
  • Better Sound for outdoor and indoor recording
  • Ability to charge phones while recording
  • Better lighting for indoor recording

Applications for the SmallRig can be in any setting where smartphone videos require audio or video enhancement, like outdoor live streaming/recording in windy conditions or indoor recording in poor light conditions. It also works better for long duration shoots and video calls as it allows you to use portable battery packs while recording in a convenient setup.

We have had users test the SmallRig in indoor as well as outdoor settings. Some clips from the equipment in use can be found below: