3M National Teaching Fellowship

The 3M National Teaching Fellowship recognizes exceptional contributions to teaching and learning at Canadian universities. The nomination package is due to Dr. Simon Bates (simon.bates@ubc.ca) on Friday December 10, 2021. More information is available at https://academic.ubc.ca/awards-funding/award-opportunities/teaching-awards.

From the STLHE Page

  1. Educational Leadership:
    Educational leadership involves leading significant transformation in teaching and learning at an institutional, disciplinary, community, and/or societal level. Educational leadership fosters and supports change, and leads to a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse post-secondary education landscape.
  2. Teaching Excellence:
    Teaching excellence refers to the intentional actions of an instructor to create an exceptional learning environment through engaging in pedagogical practices designed to maximize student learning. Excellent teachers engage in inclusive practices, scholarly teaching and ongoing reflection of their own teaching practice.
  3. Educational Innovation:
    Educational innovation is the novel execution of ideas that contribute to more effective teaching and learning practices. The result of educational innovation impacts people in academia and beyond to reach mutual goals.

Dossier is limited to 35 pages. This constraint means you have to tell a story.