Mid-Course Feedback

LFS has made it mandatory for all courses to collect mid-course feedback. To help you with this, LFS Learning Centre has put together a mid-course feedback template that you can modify and use for your course. The template is available on Canvas and Qualtrics.

To add the Mid-Course Feedback template on Canvas, you need to import the survey quiz from Canvas Commons using this link: https://lor.instructure.com/resources/1fbfd01c3e964458a2aa67e2e0c19a07

LFS LC can provide you with the Qualtrics template for the mid-course feedback on request.

Lunch & Learn Resources: https://lc.landfood.ubc.ca/lunch-learn-series-mid-course-feedback-with-adrian-granchelli/

For more help on accessing these templates, contact the LFS Learning Centre at it@landfood.ubc.ca.