Multifactor Authentication While Travelling

If you are travelling outside of Canada, have backup plans for the 2-factor authentications of your online accounts. This includes UBC logins, social media and online banking sites. If you have the authentications set to call or send to your Canadian phone number, and swap phone SIMs, you will not receive the notifications. 

For UBC, the passcode generator within the Duo mobile app is an excellent alternative to the Duo Push for those who are required to login with their Enhanced CWL while travelling as it uses no data from your phone to generate a passcode.  

However, if having a phone is simply not an option for a particular travel destination or circumstance, hardware tokens are available on deposit for all employees. These can be obtained from the Access Desk at the back of the UBC bookstore for employees at the Vancouver campus.

If you swap phone SIMs while travelling, keep your personal information (cards, etc.) separate from where you keep your usual SIM. If both get stolen, it will be easier for someone to begin attempts to steal online accounts. 

Know before you go, contact the Learning Centre at