Lunch & Learn Series: What I Wish Educators Knew Before Class Started: Re-examining Academic Experiences Through Student-led Seminars with Shirley Ting

Our next session will be held on Friday, June 3rd at noon. Shirley Ting (5th year Global Resource Systems student at LFS and former Student Directed Seminar Coordinator) will be leading the discussion this week.

How can professors support student engagement? Faculty members play a critical role as supervisors in the Student Directed Seminars (SDS) program and can help students develop personally and professionally. In this session, Shirley Ting will discuss her time in the program and how her experience has allowed her to reflect on what it means to be engaged in higher education. 

Join Shirley this Friday to explore her perspectives on student engagement and discuss how faculty members can better support students. To register for the Lunch & Learn Series, please visit

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