Zoom Focus Mode

Zoom recently added Focus Mode, giving you more control over who appears on-screen. Attendees can hide the video feed and profile pictures of all participants except the host, co-host and spotlighted speakers.

Focus Mode can also be used alongside spotlighting to ensure that participant video won’t be recorded or shared with other attendees, which could encourage some attendees to feel more comfortable about switching their video feed on. A host or co-host will always be able to observe the attendees’ video of attendees.

Focus Mode needs to be enabled on UBC’s Zoom portal (https://ubc.zoom.us/) by the host creating the Zoom meeting. To switch on Focus Mode, click on Settings on the left navigation panel and scroll down the options under the Meeting tab.

For more information on Zoom features, please contact the LFS Learning Centre at it@landfood.ubc.ca.